The new approach

Many ways towards world improvements are mentioned, mostly reducing: politician power, capitalism, money and interests and taxes, redistribution of income and wealth of the rich, abolish armaments and religion. Increase aid for developing countries.

But these proposals all miss the deeper causes of the 9 world challenges.

Here are the essentials of a new approcach:
Increase the material wealth in the under-developed countries by investors and job creation – and simultaneously reinforce the education and continuing education of adults by large group activities for millions and billions of people. Including significant personality development.

Job creation and education are key drivers and should be used simultaneously, especially in countries behind in wellfare. The example of Africa should make clear that only this combination in the long run protects Europe against too many migrants.

The new strategy improve at the same time the equality of opportunities in the society. Rich people too feel the desire to prevent further divergence in economic and social cohesion. Based on the above principles and taking into consideration the proposals of Transparency International Solutions for less corruption can be found too.

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