Long is the list of existing Aid-Organisations and often we can assign them to one specific of our 9 challenges.

First we can name the clerical organisations like Caritas, Misereor. They finance by charity.

In contrast to these classical aid-organisations we find today mouvements against globalization, big business and the power of the 1 % elites and establishment – for more freedom and democracy. 1998 ATTAC was founded for the tobin-tax of financial transactions. 2004 started Campact in Germany, following the model of the american  MoveOn started in 1998 as the first digital Network and democracy in action. Followed in 2007 by AVAAZ , working today in 194 countries with 40 millions members. Addtionally there is still Occupy Wall Stret since 2011 with protests starting on North America and spread over the world. (Slogan: we are the 99 %, often cited by nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz).
In 1942 started Oxfam international out of UK (the power of people against poverty). The organisation save lives, bring food, look for justice, empowering wowen and protect the climate. Many of our world challenges are adressed.

The organisations Amnesty International and Transparency International are a little apart of the challenges but at the same time in their middle. They play an important role too.

Referring to the areas poverty (1), but towards education (4) too are many worldwide children-aid-organisations like Save the Children and Terre des Hommes. In the same direction work Plan International and Worldvision.

In the area 5 of health we find since the 19th Century the Red Cross. But in the last decades the doctors without borders gained an important reputation (nobel prize in 1999).

In area 7 of the jobs we find since the 19th century the unions though in the last decades loosing influence by the change in the employment structure: less industrial, more service and IT, more social service.

There are special mouvements for more democracy world wide. And for all the gender and discrimination facts (areas 6 and 8).

Finally we find in area 9 beyond Greenpeace many national and local organisations which fight vor ecology and nature.

All in all – there are so many organisation, mostly organized as associations, which care apart the government about the sufferings of the people. On a worldwide scale perhaps about 1 million with a total of 1 trillion people (Activists, employees, members, donors and supporters). It seem that in the last 50 or even 20 years the foundations have largely increased.

But no aid-organisation could be found who worked on the real root-cause of the challenges. Mostly they only treat the Symptoms of the 9 challenges, what is already a great job.