Social enterprises have apart of the profit needed for the existence or development other additional objectives. There are more and more of such social entrepreneurs.

The book of Richard Branson (Screw business as usual. Turning Capitalism into a Fore for Good) has the goal to spread this idea in the business world. 5000 people followed  his entrepreneur programme in South Africa up to now.
„Put simply, Capitalism 24902 (miles of circumference of the earth) is about people and the communities they are forming to change the world. Each and every business person, no matter how small or large his or her business is, has the opporunity to screw business as usual and help create powerful world-changing communities with their staff, customers, suppliers and the general public “ (Penguin p 327)

There is particularly to be mentioned the worldwide Ashoka-Organisation founded in 1980 at Washington DC by Bill Drayton. The organisation search and support social entrepreneurs which contribute in their business model to the benefit of the society: Men and women with innovative solutions with entrepreneural mind taking responsibility. They recognize challenges in the society, question theseand find solutions on new ways.

The Ashoka network has the task – not to preach the end of the world – to search such social entrepreneurs. Since 1980 Ashoka has supported about 2.000 in more then 70 countries as selected fellows.

Ashoka’s Vision
Because we live in a changemaker world, everyone must be an effective and confident changemaker.
For many generations, society was organized around a few people at the top telling everyone else to repeat their specialized skills faster and faster. Today, all of us have the means to lead and get big things done. This is causing social change to explode in every direction.

Already in 2004 David Bernstein has looked for Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas – how to change the world.

The movement goes faster and faster!