The many agents of world change

You will be surprised how many agents of change exist already. They are all in the role of sisyphus: the work is never finished. Perhaps really never, as long as we humans do not find the way back to paradise. We have to live with all these inequalities because of our birth in a certain country with its conditions and its culture and with these parents and their socialization and with their ancestral genes.
Countless agents are already among us, certainly more than a million all over the world. They are involved in targeting our 9 areas of global challenges.
Furthermore there are rich people. Many of them are already involved, starting with Bill Gates and his movement givingpledge.
Many social entrepreneurs are active, interested in the society’s welfare rather than their personal gain.
And the youth too is to be mentioned. There are plenty of examples.


There is an old idea for an umbrella organization for all aid-organizations. There has been in 2005 the Paris declaration on Aid Effectiveness. If from the beginning the new world Foundation has high revenues it could attract members. That would be quicker than years of negotiation with non-profit associations and foundations.
These thoughts in combination with entrepreneurial power are the base of the “New World Foundation”

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