What are the possible solutions when jobs are lacking? There is a striking difference between developed and developing countries.

Clear investment possibilities

The good news: for developing countries it seems easier from an entrepreneur’s point of view.
Investments in production capacities and the market is necessary, assuming the necessary demand can be predicted. Industries relevant for developing countries:
1. Food and gastronomy
2. Housing (with water, electricity, heating and air conditioning)
3. Mobility, e.g. vehicles and transport infrastructure
4. Children
5. Garden and nature
6. Education and professional training
7. Tourism for own citizen. The own travel industry could be no. 1

Bring together investors and entrepreneurs

Attract investors and create an entrepreneurial spirit to generate jobs leading to an increase in overall wealth creating economic demand.
Connect entrepreneurs and investors: Providing micro loans to small business owners is an internationally well-known instrument for success.
There is enough liquidity in the world. The macroeconomic yield is high.

Large Group events

Like described in the master plan big events are necessary. Entrepreneurs are trained in large groups all over the country and the best are selected.
Everything has to be organized and financed by the World-Foundation and their country subsidiary.
People have to find their own projects. The Foundation does not pretend to have the right specific ideas.

Economic success is more difficult in established economies. More capital is necessary and risks are higher. Focus is on providing the right tools to promising start-ups.

Additional countrywide lighthouse-projects

Further jobs are created in lighthouse-projects defined in the kick-off event with investors, based on a future search for the country and the country’s strengths. A new big company is established for this project hiring people which work only 50 % in first year – and learn in the other 50 %. The learning time and costs are paid by the world-foundation and donors.