In 7 of 9 challenges we find the Inequality. And in the causes as part of no. 1 human factor.
Actually the previous approaches are based on emotional messages adressed in  particular to philantropists or politicians referring to human rights and social thinking or steering by taxes. It is interesting to see how the new strategy of world-change operates. This strategy tackles the real root-causes: Education with personality development till the values together with job creation for income and self-esteem. The keyword to adress these causes is equality of opportunities.

Systemic approach

We know by the the systemic relations described on this site, that the economic situation (escape from poverty) improves together with more chance to participate in social life. Wordwide migration flows and the often unloved migrants will decline, instead of taking a job with poverty risk they can live a respectable life in their own country.

Equality in education system

The basic talents in each individual can be developped during the life by socialisation and education. Children in lower social strata will find it hard to match.
In these cases the schools play an more important role: they should be able to support more intensively children with relatively undereducated parents. Special credits or scholarships in multiple forms for pupils and students are another instrument.
They all should focus on the individual uniquess and to develop the strengths and not weaknesses. From my own experience as coach for professional orientation: „have a look on the strengths“ with the question „how to give benefit to society valued by others?“. Only this combination give the better earnings. But in fact many artists prefer the pure uniqueness even with life in precarious employments.
The world-foundation will organise in countries with high unemploiment of the youth special camps of several weeks leading the participants to professional orientation with these principles.

Equality and taxes

Clearly the poor pay less or no tax at all. And the consumption duties for basic goods (food e.g.) and services are lower or even exempted – as on rents. General tax decreases don’t help them. The poor need some sort of basic income or child allowances.

Equality and heritages

What about heritages? Mostly (not those in tax havens) there already have been paid taxes as income. Those who build up assets during their life or who keep the family inheritance (familiy legacy) over generations don’t see any justice in inheritance tax. Naturally taxes have to be paid for the income out of the assets.
But many people does not receive any heritage.
Here I see a solution: Assets with a value over X $ per child should be imposed by a levy of about 50 % payable even not in cash but in official shares or silent partnerships – minus donations for charitable projects in the last 10 years before the death of the testator. To receive and manage these levys a special ficudiary company or foundation has to be created which pays a flat rate to children not inheriting something. This task can be fulfilled by the World-Foundation respectively her country branch of this new Master-Strategy.

All details shall be designed in country-wide large group events corresponding to the culture and values in this country.
The state should not receive and use these levys for his normal budget. Out of this levy the special aid to schools for additional education in the upper paragraph can be funded.