Model of Strategy for Africa

We look for a country to show actions and result that we can expand the strategy to all the continent and other countries too. We choose a country of under 10 mio. population with a GDP per capita under 1.000 $ and HDI-ranking (Human Development Index) below 0,5 (position after 150).

Initial situation

• Network for the organisation of the total action is ready
• Financing public and private is ready
• Choice of bigger start-ups for meeting with investors (Phase 1) ready
• Large group facilitators of the country are trained
• Contact with local group of Transparency Intenational


• Create spirit of departure
• Organisation and participation only with people of the country.
• To involve up to 10 % of the population by large group technology.
• Much education action for more self-help in job creation and development of personality

Actions with number of people involved

Duration: Phase 0 4 months, Phases 2-4 only 1 year. Phase 1 and following lighthouse projects during 5 years. Phase 5 is flanking all these years.
1) Phase 0 with countrywide 4 hours large groups before the real kick-off to reach 100.000 People. To  inform them about the overall project and is’s Goals.
2) Phase 1 Kick-Off with Future Search conference (with the 4th day meeting of investors and bigger start-ups) reaching perhaps 10.000 participants.
3) Lighthouse-Projects signed at the end of kick-off by investors create 100.000 permanent jobs in infrastructure by a new holding company. During 5 years, each year changing the staff. Working and learning 50 % of time.
4) Phase 2: the future search conferences for 3 days are continued at different places permanently to reach in less then 1 year about 500.000 participants.
5) Phase 3: 250.000 participants of phase 2 develop in camps of 500 people in one week their own strategy for carreer or founder. (Mewes bottleneck-strategy)
6) Phase 4 start-up offensive: Half of the phase before (120.000) continue their start-up Project  after some weeks of market studies and research during one week with financing people present last day (banks, micro-credits).
7) Phase 5: wide range of education offers with voucher and public apps for mobile learning.

In the second year perhaps special youth camps (500 participants) as large group event can be examined for job orientation. In many countries of Africa the percentage of population under 20 years approches the 50 %.

Cost planning and outcome

More than 1 mio. people shall be involved. The lighthouse projects create 100.000 jobs more, phase 4 about 200.000. Together with the total spirit of departure there will be a higher job creation and growth of GDP nearly 10 % each year.
Number of facilitators/teachers to be trained: about 600. Number of locations needed: 50, where phases 2-4 run permanently in parallel. The estimated costs, without publicity and administration are 5 mio. $ and can be divided as follows:
31 % facilitators
32 % location
26 % food and beverage
11 % other material with documents