Need of jobs

The next important root-factor in the systemic context of several problem-areas is the issue of jobs, which is constituting a source of income in modern society based on the division of labor. In many countries there is a lack of jobs, despite the needs of the population and the capacity to produce more prosperity.
Jobs serve in our world with division of labor and higher welfare:
a) As source of income for the individual and in each countries development as healthy demand.
b) that the individual can create benefit with his strengths (contribute to National Product).
c) that the individual has opportunities to exerce his own strengths and reach state of flow (happiness and satisfaction).
d) For the self-esteem (feeling of to be needed) for the individual.

But often the personal strengths do not find appraisal in the society nor a value in the market with compensation. While some voluntary work or family work with low or without compensation eventually can respond to some of the above points.

Relations and solution

The work is connecting with the factor 1 personal development and this connected with factor 3 education. First we have to find the personal strengths related to personal interests to describe the way of the personal development. Then qualification for a specific job can follow.

When people look for Jobs (high unemployment in countries in development) to live from it (income function). but there is low job offer, the question raises: why? There does not yet exist an automatism of the market to go to an equilibrium higher than a minimum wage in the order of living costs including social participation. If in this case the country has not enough prosperity for an economic social net an explosive situation and political instability is created.

Lack of productive jobs is therefore the cause of poverty with security problems (challenge 3) up to health (5) and Democracy (6). Therefore a new master strategy for world improvement need a solution otherwise all doing at human factor 1 is useless.

All the while the technical progress continues, replacing human work by machines (and robots), which should serve humanity…. An additional challenge for the future.