Yes it is possible to change the world to the better – with a new and innovative masterplan developped by an entrepreneur and psychologist. The essence you find here. But first things first:

There are 9 areas of problems which reach from poverty to ecology & nature – the 9 challenges where solutions have to be found. We don’t at this point need speculations about possible improvement approaches for the nearly 8 billion people on the planet – we look for the basic sufferings. The Millenium Development Goals of the UN look to be a part of these challenges.
Then we have to make clear: The root cause is the human being. You are surprised? Wise men always knew that. But this fact remained mostly unidentified, because it is easier to blame „the other“ or „the system“. The next root causes are lack of jobs for sources of income and – education.
Many approaches to world improvement are proposed. Usually they refer to politicians, capitalism, money, accumulating interest, taxes, rich people, armaments, up to religion. But these all miss to address the mentioned deeper causes.
The following is essential for new solutions: To increase the material wealth (and jobs with income) in the countries which lag behind – and simultaneously to reinforce education and continuing education of adults, made possible by large group methods for millions and billions of people – up to personality development.
The good news: Already more than a million (non-governmental and aid) organizations, rich donors, social entrepreneurs and even the youth are already engaged in creating positive change by means of foundations, associations and ….enterprises.
And as new player we need a World-Foundation effecting education and social participation with equal opportunity – and looking for world-wide job and income creation. Funded by capital of super-rich donors – who have become wise with age and want to give something back to society. There are.

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